How to wear cropped pants?

Have you noticed those gorgeous cropped pants in the last fashions shows? They have a specific cut directly inspired by menswear. Would you like to give it a try and add this garment to your wardrobe?
These are the kind of pants that I would definitely recommend because they fit any body shape. Here are a few tips to choose and wear them:

- if you are less than 1.60m wear them with high or kitten heels
- small belly and medium hips? Pick a high or medium waisted ones.
- flat bottom? Avoid linen, silk or a fabric too thin.

Don't wear them too casually, think "elegance and chic"!
Here are some combination suggestions to inspire you, enjoy!

white shirt + mid or high heel court shoe
Victoria Beckham version: a must!                    another one @ Asos
belted jacket + doctor bag+ pointy boots
Stella Jean
 waisted jacket + big cuff+ lace up ankle boots
Giorgio Armani
a retro-romantic blouse+ wool blazer + salomé shoes
Dries Van Noten
Which one of these combination do you prefer? Do you wear cropped pants like these? Don't be shy! Show off your ankles, spring is coming...soon!! 

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