Dress only

Hello, hello! It's becoming hot in Singapore! Need a dress? Here is my selection of the day, spotted on  "#vitrines-parisiennes". Don't know wich one would suit you the best? Just contact me! :)




Loreak Mendian


Cheap and Chic

Blue Chino H&M 39.90 $, Print racer back vest Top-shop 59$, Shoulder bag 19.80$ and Ballerines 10.80$ Forever 21

Eco-friendly Zhai

Hello, hello! Today, I 'd like to present you  Zhai, a singaporean company. Zhai specializes in bamboo clothing made from 100% organically grown bamboo fiber. I can tell, just by touching , that their clothes are amazingly light and soft wich make them ideal for travel and exercising activities like yoga. Their collection includes some classic style dress for special events. Here is my selection!

29 sgd!

Yoga pants

the so soft cardigan!

Printed shirts

Hello, hello! So, here is my selection of printed shirts for this season. Considering the shape of your body (hour glass, triangle, column or round...) your personal stylist can help you identifying the pieces that suit you the best.
This selection starts with a striped classic model showing little details that makes it unique. The following pieces will go from colorful and trendy to more casual styles as the white and red shecked shirt ...a must have for week-ends!



3-1 Phillip Lim

See by Chloe


Mih jeans

Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren

Have a good week-end!