Upgrade your Business Suit

Among women's' business attire the black suit & white shirt is a classic but can come across as overly formal.
It is possible to stand out from the crowd by creating a style that is personal and make you feel good and confident. Here is some advice I usually give my clients.

Here are 4 different ways to give your basic suit some personality:

  • Mix fabrics: pick a blazer with different color and material (wool, chambray, leather, velvet corduroy...) from your bottom, and pair it with a silk blouse. It will create contrast and embellish your silhouette.
Rag&Bone (netaporter)

  • Accessorize: one single accessory can make the difference! Pay attention to quality and remember that "less is more".
with a scarf
scarf D&G (netaporter) 

a beautiful belt 
Maison Boinet

 statement jewelry
J Crew
  • Layer: as shown here below with a printed blouse and a plain color suit.
or like this:

  • Add color: it's fine to wear neutrals but give your suit a "chic with a twist" touch by picking one color and showing it in different hues. (for instance in the photo below with red, see the shirt + collar + blazer + shoes)
And you? Do you accessorize, layer, add color or mix different fabrics?  How do you upgrade your suit? Share your thoughts!

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