Can I wear sneakers to work?

Sneakers have become a staple in our wardrobes and now several important designers are offering them. They are going to be one of this season 's big trends!
But a few days ago I was asked if business women could wear Converse sneakers to work...I was like hum...
Well, let's say that this depends on the field you are in.
So to give you a clear answer: yes if you work in new technology, creative or artistic fields, otherwise it's better to avoid them.
But even if wearing sneakers are "allowed" in some fields I would suggest:
  • Pick some stylish and clean ones (especially if white!)
  • Take it to another level! Meaning: compensate the "effortless-sporty-teenager attitude" with an elegant and edgy outfit. For instance: short collar dress + tights + converse or masculine blazer + slim + sneakers...
  • Pay attention to your accessories (bag, watches, hat, jewels, scarf...)They should be a little bit refined and should reflect your personality.
Here are some outfits spotted on the web, (Pinterest, netaporter), which are especially well done.
Which one of these would you pick?
Do you or would you like to wear sneakers to work?
How would you match them?