How to choose your LBJ?

Trying to find the Little Black Jacket, you know the one that will suits you perfectly can be tricky. It s easy to get lost among the huge choice that brands offer. In other words and as we say in French:"Trop de choix tue le choix" or "Too much choice kills the choice".
The Little black Jacket is a wardrobe staple, a timeless classic, something that will follow you through the seasons. And for that reason, you need to focus your attention and make a good choice. In Wardrobe Audit sessions I have seen too many ordinary little black jackets, it s too bad isn it?
Here are a few things to remember:
1- The Cut: as always, never give up on this: The Cut! It s better to own one perfectly tailored black jacket than 3 that just don't fill well.
Style tips: For a flattering silhouette the length should stop below or above the largest part of yor hips.

2- The Fabric: 60/70% of coton or wool with a little bit of Polyamide and Elastane is fine. Avoid 100% Linen since it wrinkles easily. Polyester is very strong but it creates static electricity , Polyamid is strong and cheap but doesn't absorb sweat.

3- Details: does the jacket have a particular detail? A leather shawl collar? Beautiful buttons and/or lining? Made with an original fabric? A black jacket is ordinary enough it needs a little something special.
Style tips: If you are crafty, changing the (plastic) buttons is a good idea to personalize your jacket.
Look under the collar for a felt lining which allows the jacket to double as outerwear when it is cold.

Last but not least if there is a flap in the back don't forget to remove the little thread that is supposed to keep the jacket in a good shape when it's still in the shop. 

And now enjoy my selection!

Shiny Black Satin  / Mauro Grifoni

Zebra! / The Kooples

Lace sleeves / Anna Studio

Great cut and fabric! / Eple & Melk

Jacquard effect/ Laura Clement/La Redoute

DarkBlue and Black/ Paul Smith

Animal Print on the collar/ Virginie Castaway/L exception

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