Liberty chéri, how can I wear you?

The beautiful cotton fabric Liberty is synonymous with freshness, romanticism and sweetness. We can find it mostly in Children's collections but several brands also offer it for adults depending on the season. ( Cacharel, J Crew...)

Here is the catch:

- we can find it anywhere so be careful of fakes!
- after age 30 you can 't wear it the same way!

Men would wear small details (jacket pocket, collar, inside lining...), the most daring wear shirts or swimsuits!

 (shirt and swimsuit Hartford, Celio outfit )

For women it's better to avoid too much so as not to look like a young girl covered in flowers.
- no sleeveless blouses and no puffy sleeves.
- no combo of a Liberty skirt+ lace top+ ballerina flats
- no smocked dress with thin straps

Instead emphasize contrasts like a classic Liberty jacket with a big flashy necklace and jeans!

 (outfit JCrew)
Another idea works well: chinos + Liberty blouse + heels

Wear it where it's unexpected!

  • a hat
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers
  • Bag or pocket

 (Liberty jacket and jeans JCrew, Ipad pouch Liberty of London, Hat Citystadium, sneakers Vans)

You can also dare to opt for more original, like retro motifs for a more specific and personal style!

 (photo dress, Liberty Supercut, blouse on Etsy)

With Liberty everything or almost is allowed as long as you don't take it too seriously. Dare to shake things up! Are you ready?

Thanks to Marine Crenn, founder of Supercut, for asking me to write this article for her blog,(where you can read it in Italian)! Do drop by her beautiful online fabric shop and discover her amazing selection of hard to find designers fabrics; a rare gem in the Italian market!

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