Hello, hello! My selection of the day is this sleeveless prairie print jumpsuit by Vanessa Bruno. Then I looked for a yellow bag and I found this one by Florian Denicourt. Something funny about this is I did not know that Florian met Vanessa Bruno after studying and worked for her as a leather accessories designer! Now is has is onw brand! The bracelet is from Adeline Affre.
The back of this jumpsuit is worth seeing!

Have a good day!


Little Miss Moi said...

Hi Caroline! I love your blog. It's so hard to dress living in the tropics, I find it really difficult as well with a new baby because I have to feed... Lots of button up dresses! And accessories never get too hot :)

I hope you're enjoying life in Singapore? I might see you soon! Brooke xx

caroline said...

Thank you Brooke! It sounds like you are coming to Singapore!??? Great, you will like it! See you soon!